Good food and coffee… new life begins

We have been waiting for today.

With the onset of autumn, where better to hunker down than the new improved Common Room Cafe?

And we hope you’ll like the cafe’s loos too!

All the studios now have people in (or in the process of moving in). FAYAP have just taken their keys for the old Saloon. Yee-hah.

There is potentially still some space in the shared workspace in the Old Committee Room (4 desk spaces, 2x2m floor area for each, and a bit more). Please get in touch by email if you are interested. It’s a bit experimental….

The rooms for hire are not yet up and running as we want the longer term occupiers to have a chance to get happy and settled, and deal with any teething issues first. And we need to sort out the furniture. But we are expecting to offer 3 rooms:

  • Corner Room: the smart front room on the corner next to the cafe.
  • Back Room – a meeting or art room.
  • Print Room – intended to have a printmaking press but also for use as a meeting or art room

Please get in touch by email if you are interested in renting these. The Print Room and Back Room will be generally let by morning/afternoon/evening sessions. – but we have had an interesting enquiry about two regular whole day bookings for both. The Corner Room we think may be available for longer periods e.g. exhibitions as well as for one off events or meetings. We will feel our way into this to work out what works….

Access to the Gallery space is something else we are still working out – we just want our core community to have a chance to settle in a bit first and we have a few more small jobs to do in readiness. Plus we need to focus on our day jobs!