May Day!

We aren’t really in distress…. Happy May Day!

But the world has certainly changed since our last proper update 3 months ago.

We were hoping to open this month – that is cloud-cuckoo-land now. But after some recent weeks of complete inactivity on site we have started with just a few people so that work can slowly progress where social distancing guidelines allow. The building is large enough that individual trades can have rooms to themselves.

Hopefully the courtyard garden works can start soon – we had hoped to be planting this at Easter but fingers crossed it won’t be mid July now!

We had a setback with our new water supply in the early days of the lockdown when a resident (identity unknown) seems to have threatened the waterboard for carrying out their work and hounded them off the street. So unfortunately the road closure is having to be rescheduled; it’s a real shame as it will probably cause much more irritation to the Fram community than if it had been carried out on the original date when the roads were very quiet. Apologies in advance.

As to the likely actual opening date.. we had assumed mid-May but we think we will probably be 5 weeks or so from resumption of relatively ‘normal’ working conditions to have the building openable – but of course we are all a bit uncertain as to when public buildings and cafes can open again.

But long term plans haven’t changed, and those who have already expressed serious interest in being part of the club or renting a studio still seem to have undiminished appetite – for which thanks.

We also have a bit more news to share in the near future about some positive ‘mission creep’ which we committed to before the lockdown era… but that can wait for now.

It’s all fine really as long as we can keep paying the bills!

with best wishes to everyone!