April Fools

We have today completed buying the Con Club. This may make us fools, but even if so, we have no option but to succeed!

Thanks to everyone we have met or spoken to over the last week for the continuing stream of good energy and ideas. Historic and measured building surveys now commissioned. Asbestos survey shortly to follow. Yippee.

We are an Asset of Community Value

The Con Club has just been awarded ‘Asset of Community Value’ status. This is a planning designation feared by developers but it is a label we will wear with pride.

Big thanks to everyone who has sent such positive messages over the last week and shared initial ideas. And thanks to Fram Town Council for an enjoyable and very encouraging meeting this afternoon.


We are excited to announce that we have exchanged contracts on the purchase of the Con Club.

In the very near future we hope to be able to meet neighbours, the town council and other interested parties, to discuss possible futures for this important building.