The Old Theatre re-awakens

Various bits of news about the theatre.

We haven’t said much about this in the last eighteen months but are now at a point where things are happening. Very excitingly we have had a tidy-up, have just taken out some of the partitions inserted over the last 20 years, and the inside has had a lick of paint. From tomorrow the building will be open on Fridays and Saturdays for a month with an exhibition of new work by artists Kate Boxer, Don Brown, Gary Hume and Sarah Lucas. It’s an amazing body of work and looks fantastic in the space. The photo here shows the space mid-painting… an amuse bouche of sorts.

Meanwhile we have submitted a planning application to make minor changes to the theatre which would enable more public activity there (as it used to have until recent years); we are hoping that it can again become a significant place in the life of the town. We went to Framlingham Town Council’s meeting this evening and had a mixed response – there are clearly challenges with noise and parking which comes from a return to more public use for the building, but we feel the building deserves a public life and that it must be possible to achieve a good result for everyone. If you are interested in our proposals please visit East Suffolk Council’s planning website:

… (it’s easy to find the application on their planning application search if you enter the postcode IP13 9BH) – and please do register support if you think it’s a good idea. Most people we have spoken to seem supportive but we know that immediate neighbours are worried and we want to find a workable future which everyone is happy to live with. Conversion to flats would be such a dull outcome….

And in the club next door Ross Holden will be showing work in the Club Corner Room for much of September, and other artists based at the club may also have work on show in the entrance hall. More posts to follow in the coming weeks. And the Common Room cafe is as good as ever.